BACK TO Unit 2 - Short Stories

"Blues Ain’t no Mockin Bird" (RN 152-160, LB 350-358)

Student journal, Literature Book (LB), Reader’s Notebook (RN), Unit 2 Resources (hard/soft copies),

Before You Read (1-2 days)
Get Connected Video:
Watch and answer prompt in journal
Prompt: Choose one of the images and give two to three examples of how we can turn to family to help solve a conflict.
The Big Question:
Complete two sentence starters in journal (LB 348)
Meet the Author:
Write name of author and title of selection, write two facts about the author you found interesting and why you chose these two facts (LB 349).
Background Video:
Watch (possible journal response if desired)
Vocabulary Central:
Cornell notes in journal of 6 selection vocab. words and 1 word study card for selection vocab. word: formality
(For vocabulary content, focus on "explanation", "synonyms" and "word families")
Complete suggested “Vocabulary Builder” from Unit 2 Resources (173).
Reading Skill:
Review Cornell notes on “Cause and Effect” (from: The Necklace)
Have students copy graphic organizer “Before you Read B-Reading Cause and Effect” from Graphic Organizer Transparencies (64) into journals
Literary Analysis:
Cornell notes on “Literary Analysis Dialogue and Dialect” (online)

While You Read (2-3 days)
Read “Blues Ain’t no Mockin Bird” (RN 152-160) (LB 350-358)
Complete “Literary Analysis Dialogue and Dialect” from Unit 2 Resources (171).
Complete “Reading: Visualize the Action to Analyze Cause and Effect” from Unit 2 Resources (172)

After You Read (2 days)
Complete “Critical Thinking” section at end of text (LB 358) in journal.
Complete suggested “Vocabulary”: (LB 359) in journal.
Complete Literary Analysis: Dialogue (Reading Kit 78-79)
Grammar Tutorial:
Watch video on “Active and Passive Voice”
Grammar Practice:
Complete “Practice A” (LB 372) in journal
"Grammar Exercise Workbook" (127-130)
Complete suggested “Writing About the Big Question” from Unit 2 Resources (online).

Assessment (2 days)
Selection Test B (printed from

Template (to be created)

Listening and Speaking
Dialogue (LB 373).

Test corrections/problem area identification (1-2 days)