Strategic and Specific
Results- Oriented

Individual team SMART Goals should be linked to school- wide goals.
Please refer to the Goals, Projects, Initiatives page before creating SMART Goals

2011-2012 SMART GOALS

El Cajon Valley High School SMART Goal Setting / Action Plan Worksheet 2011-2012

PLC Team: 9th Grade English
Team Lead: Travis Engstrand
Team members: Rick Millican, Liz Fagaly, Courtney Souza, Danielle Arroyo, Krystal Montalvo, Jessica Merschtina, Michelle Cadwell,
Holly Lindberg, Ana Duran

1. 75% of our students will pass with an A, B, or C for each quarter.
Action Steps
Individuals Responsible
Time Frame
Measure of Achievement
1. night library & afterschool tutorial highly recommended for any students earning a D or lower
2. phone calls home
3. student grade print-out of missing assignments
4. using formative assessments to re-teach/ review unlearned material
5. graph student self reporting (tests/quizzes)
all 9th grade team members
1. D/F monitoring window
(Sept. 24, etc.),
2. as needed
3. bi-weekly (every 2 weeks)
4. weekly
5. weekly
1. Performance Profile D/F Summary print-out & night library summary of attendance
2. teacher phone log and/or emails
3. accessible via online for students to check
4. results from Edusoft, teacher assessment, Pearson selection/practice tests
5. Edusoft result sheet & student created graph
1. 33% of our students will score either Advanced or Proficient on the ELA CST.
Action Steps
Individuals Responsible
Time Frame
Measure of Achievement
1. practice CST testing materials found in Pearson
2. Benchmark (Unit) test
3. Mid-year summative test
4. Test prep strategies
5. Achieve 3000
all 9th grade team members
1. every two-three weeks
2. every two-three weeks
3. January 2012
4. all-year long
5. all-year long
1. CST Test
2. Edusoft results
3. Edusoft results
4. journal and/or foldable project (selection test grade)
5. Interim and post-test